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Designed by Karters for Karters

KartParts1.com, started in 2008, was created to help karters remain in the sport. We want to make karting more affordable and provide more support to the individual karter.

By making it easier for karters to recoup some of their investments into this great sport, we believe this makes karting more affordable - which provides every karter with more opportunities to continue racing - and makes it easier for new participants to enter the sport.

We believe this helps local kart clubs maintain healthy membership levels and strengthens the sport of karting overall.

KartParts1.com goals:

  • Help individual karters to save money in the sport
  • Improve the connection between buyers and sellers of karting parts from across the country
  • Provide karters with extensive support and instruction about the sport
  • Strengthen the skills of every kart racer, the membership levels of every kart clubs,
    and the health of every kart shops
  • Create a ALL-IN-ONE online experience for every karter

If you are an individual karter, click here.

If you represent a kart club, click here.

If you represent a kart shop, click here.


Designed for the Regular Karter

Individual karters use KartParts1 to connect to other karters and kart clubs from around the country (1,000+ members and growing!) to buy and sell their karting supplies.

Karters access and personalize their account through their "My Pit Spot" page. The "Karting Community" provides them with a comprehensive list of kart clubs and shops, along with tips to help new and experienced karters improve their skills.

My Pit Spot

  • control your account from this location
  • edit your parts, check messages, auctions, & more

  • Searching for Parts

  • most comprehensive search capabilites on the net!
  • search for parts by location, category, make, kart club, or kart shop
  • display your searches by the date, category, condition, make, or price of the parts
  • easily find what your looking for

  • Selling Parts

  • view, edit, update your parts
  • add pictures to your parts for FREE
  • auction features available to maximize your selling price

  • Your Messages

  • communicate with other karters
  • view and respond to questions about your parts

  • Ratings

  • rate the performance of other sellers
  • encourages trustworthy participation and accurate part descriptions
  • view and answer ratings about your parts

  • Find Kart Clubs, Tracks, & Shops

  • maintain your list of kart tracks, kart clubs, and kart shops

  • Driver Support Section

  • use the extensive driver support section to set goals and improve your skills
  • learn setup and driving tips from driving instructors
  • develop your plan to obtain sponsorship

  • Tech Tips

  • learn and share tricks of the trade in "tech tips"
  • great for new and experienced mechanics/tuners

  • Individual karters get the benefits of...
  • an increased ability to sell your parts and regain some of your investment
  • an increased ability to find great deals on parts
  • more support for improving driving skills, chassis setup, and obtaining sponsorship
  • a comprehensive collection of kart clubs and kart shops

  • Individual karters may create their own personal storefronts too - just like any real kart shop! (see below)


    Designed for Kart Shops

  • Do you think your kart business would improve its sales if it was exposed to an additional 1,000+ karters on a regular basis?

  • And what if those additional 1,000+ karters were customers actively looking to buy karting supplies right now?

  • KartParts1 allows kart businesses' to display their parts directly to karters actively looking to buy karting supplies. This maximizes your return on investment and increases your exposure to your most profitable target audience.

    With KartParts1, you can create your own customized storefront that matches your kart business media/logo/website to promote your business. This is a FREE service.

    Here is how it works: (see images below).

  • the following image is of a participating kart businesses' actual website

  • here is how their storefront looks on KartParts1
  • notice how the look and feel is almost identical to their website and business media

  • another image of a participating kart businesses' actual website

  • here is how their storefront looks on KartParts1
  • notice how the look and feel is almost identical to their website and business media

  • you can do the same with your kart business too (send request)
  • additionally, your parts will appear within any search by any user on KartParts1

  • Kart businesses are strengthened...
  • by exposing your karting supplies to a larger customer base (1,000+ and counting regular users!)
  • by exposing your karting supplies to more relevant customers (customers looking to buy right now)
  • by increasing your ability to attract new customers

  • Do you think your kart shop could benefit from this FREE service?

    If so, send us a request right now that you want to hear more.

    We make it simple and easy for you to do.
    You just have to mention you're interested...that's it!


    Designed for Kart Clubs

    KartParts1 allows kart clubs to link up to KartParts1 and use our services (nationwide classifieds listing and driver/tuner support section) as if they were your club's own services.

    How does it work?
    KartParts1 creates a customized layout that match your kart club's website. Your kart club links to this webpage and then offers your club members the services provided by KartParts1 for FREE.

  • the following image is of participating kart club's website

  • it contains a "classifieds" link that links to their KartParts1 club page

  • when a club member clicks the club's "classifieds" link, it takes them to their club's classifieds page on KartParts1

  • notice how the club's classifieds page on KartParts1 (below) matches the look and feel of the club's website

  • the club's location, home track, website, and a video of the track are displayed to every visitor

  • club members can search for parts easier here than anywhere on the Internet

  • Why would my kart club be interested in this?

    The two biggest reason why karters lose interest in karting are:

  • 1) the continual costs of karting

  • 2) they didn't receive the proper support to be competitive

  • With KartParts1, kart clubs can improve and strengthen club membership levels!

    1) Your club can help make karting more affordable to club members

  • every classifieds ad posted by club members is also shown to karters in other kart clubs around the area (shown below)

  • this greatly increases a club member's chance to sell their parts and regain money to race

  • it also allows club members to find better deals on karting supplies

  • 2) Your club can help club members recieve the proper support

  • KartParts1 has a massive support section designed just for karters!

  • here they receive support for driving skills, chassis setup, tech tips, and much, much more!

  • club members have access to tech tips in the Tuner Support Section

  • here they learn about setup, engines, chassis design, tires, and more!

  • club members also get full listings of kart shops and kart tracks around the country

  • What does this do for your kart club?

  • helps you retain and convert new club members into lifetime club members

  • strengthens your current club membership levels

  • allows you to provide more services and effective support to your club members

  • makes the overall karting experience more affordable and enjoyable for all of your club members

  • This sounds great, but I bet it costs something!

    Nope, not a penny now or in the future! The entire website is a FREE service for karters.

    Well, then I bet it is hard to set up.

    It's easy. Simply use the form below and tell us you'd like to get started!

    You won't have to lift a finger, I assure you. We'll set up a demo page with your club's info. All you need to do is check it out and tell us what you think. That's it!

    See, I told you it was easy...

    Your Club's Name:

    Contact Name:

    Contact Email: (verify spelling!)

    KartParts1.com was created to give all of us a very inexpensive way to search for, buy, and sell our new and used parts. We want to make this website self-sustaining, so please, tell your friends, add it to your favorites, and join in today to help keep it going!

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  • Advertise your parts for FREE to over 1,000+ regular users!
  • Discover great DEALS on parts!
  • Sell to karters in other clubs!
  • Massive support section for karters
  • Link up your kart club or promote your kart shop!

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