Terms and Conditions

KartParts1.com is exclusively a medium to facilitate the buying and selling of kart racing products between individuals associated to kart racing in some form.

KartParts1.com does not in any way verify, guarantee, or in any other way have any legal responsibility regarding the quality, make, model, or claimed condition of the products advertised by users within KartParts1.com. Sole responsibility of the claimed condition and actual condition of the advertised parts rests with the individual advertiser (seller) of that particular product.

KartParts1.com does not have any responsibility towards regulating or moderating what price is advertised or eventually agreed upon between the buyer and seller. Any transaction between any buyer and seller is solely the responsibility of the parties involved and KartParts1.com has no responsibility or involvement in this process. Buying a product advertised by a seller on KartParts1.com is at the sole discretion of the buyer.

Negotiation of a fair transaction, as determined by both the buyer and seller, is the sole responsibility of both parties involved and is in no way, shape, or form the responsibility of KartParts1.com, nor does KartParts1.com guarantee such a transaction will take place. Any such transaction or exchanges between a buyer and seller based on communication within KartParts1.com and/or through verbal, written, or other form of contracts are completely external from KartParts1.com and neither part will hold any responsibility towards KartParts1.com regarding such transaction, regardless if the transaction is deemed as fair and/or if the products advertised, exchanged, or purchased are not deemed as being accurately represented by the advertisement posted on KartParts1.com by the seller.

Auctions: Any seller electing to use an auction format to sell his or her part is entering into a contractual agreement with the highest bidder for that part. This contractual agreement states that the seller will sell his or her part to the highest bidder at whatever the highest bid price is at the time the election expires as long as this bid is higher than any stated minimum or starting bid put up by the seller if applicable. This contractual agreement is considered binding and enforcable by a court of law. This contract also states that the seller will make a resonable attempt to deliver the part in a timely manner to the buyer through whichever means are agreed up or advertised by the seller for that particular part. Buyers bidding on an auction part are agreeing to enter into a binding contractual agreement with the seller that he or she will purchase the seller's auction part at the last price he or she bid for if he or she is the highest bidder when the auction expires. The buyer will make every reasonable effort to complete the money transaction with the seller in a timely manner. All other terms and conditions within this section still apply to the part being sold. Any deviation from the aforementioned terms and conditions regarding auctions and their contractual agreement will, can, and shall be considered a breech of the contractual agreement and the offending party may be subject to any judicial means placed upon him of herself by the offended party until the contract is completed.

KartParts1.com is not involved nor has any responsibility for the shipping of products to buyers, if such a form of collection is chosen, by sellers who have posted an advertisement for that product within KartParts1.com. Responsiblity of shipping and exchange of monies for any product is the responsibility of the individual parties involved and through whatever external (outside of KartParts1.com) agreement or contract created between that particular individual buyer and seller.

Any references to local karting clubs is purely for "parts search" organizational purposes only. KartParts1.com has no affiliation nor accepts any monies from any local karting club. Local karting clubs mentioned within KartParts1.com are not affiliated, bear no responsibility, nor are related in any way, shape, or form to KartParts1.com. The mention of local karting clubs and/or members associated with these clubs is solely stated to facilitate the location of parts for sale within KartParts1.com. Neither KartParts1.com nor any local club mentioned within KartParts1.com has any responsibility for the quality or type of parts advertised by independent registered users of KartParts1.com who registered by their own will.

KartParts1.com reserves the right to ban any registered user the ability to participate within KartParts1.com for any reason which KartParts1.com deems fit. Common causes for exclusion from KartParts1.com are: intentional misrepresentation of products, false advertising, inappropriate pictures, inappropriate language, conduct deemed detremental to KartParts1.com, abuse of the features within KartParts1.com, fraud, and spamming. However, these aforementioned causes do not preclude KartParts1.com from banning users for other reasons not specified above. Some violations may result in either a temporary suspension of privileges for the offending user or lifetime exclusion. Violations resulting from the posting of inappropriate pictures will have those pictures removed from that particular part and the offending user will not be refunded the costs for those pictures for that specific part.

Any buyer or seller by agreeing to participate within KartParts1.com, signified by registering as a user or contacting a seller about a part found on KartParts1.com, agrees not to hold KartParts1.com responsible for any perceived fraudulent, intentionally misrepresented, or unintentionally misrepresented products advertised on KartParts1.com. Final product condition, make, model, quality and/or any other quality control related verification is the sole responsibility of the buyer and not the responsibility of KartParts1.com. Furthermore, all participates within KartParts1.com acknowledge that racing karts are inherently dangerous and do so at their own risk.

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