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Technical Kart Tips - learn basic and advanced kart setup secrets with these articles by some of our partners and experts in the field (printable checklists are listed at the bottom)

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Title: Learn Tech Tips
Summary: KartParts1 offers you the opportunity to learn and share some basic technical and maintenance tips from other karters. Please help out our newer mechanics by sharing some helpful tips that'll encourage them to stay in karting.

Title: Chassis Setup Tips
Summary: This article by our friends at KartWeb.com is great for beginners and advanced drivers and tuners. Make sure you refer to the chassis chart near the bottom of the article.

Title: Kart Chassis Physics
Summary: Karting1.uk and James Hughes team up to provide you with a very well laid out article about kart chassis physics and how particular changes affect the chassis. Problems and cures are also mentioned.

Title: Chassis Problems and Solutions
Summary: Basic chassis solutions to general chassis problems are provided in this simple, easy to understand, but thorough article from our friends at KartParts2Go.

Title: Chassis Tuning for Turn-In
Summary: Jimmy Pedersen of RacingArticles.com writes a very thorough article about how to tune your kart for very good turn-in characteristics. If you can learn to do this with your chassis you will have a big advantage over the competition.

Title: Chassis Flex
Summary: Another great article on what is going on with your kart when you turn your steering wheel. This article is by an axle manufacturer and is quite revealing.

Title: Scaling your Kart
Summary: Scaling your kart can often be a misunderstood process. If you can't do this correctly on your own, you need to take it to someone who can. This simple article should help.

Title: Wet Setup Tips
Summary: This article explains a broad range of factors that affect wet weather setup, why you make these changes, and how they affect the handling of the kart in the rain.

Title: Kart Tire Tips
Summary: A very detailed article about kart tires, heat cycles, the effects of different wheels, and just about everything you need to know about tires.

Title: Tuning with Tires
Summary: Russell karting supplies us with this interesting article on how you can set your tires to tune your kart and driving style. Tire pressure can be a tuning tool for any driver.

Title: Two Stroke Engine Theory
Summary: Learn about how a two cycle engine operates what each parts does. Gaining a better understanding of how your engine operates will help you learn what you can do to get the most out of it.

Title: Engine Internals
Summary: A very neat moving diagram about two cycle engines and how they operate. Watch how the fuel and exhaust gas moves through the engine. It provides a nice visual display.

Title: Gear Ratio Chart
Summary: It is always handy to have a gear ratio chart around when you are trying to determine how much to gear to add or remove to your kart. We have one supplied to you here.

Printable Checklists

Print out any of the following setup sheets and to-do lists.

Title: Setup Sheet #1
Summary: Keep track of current kart settings and lap times over raceday or practice day.

Title: Setup Sheet #2
Summary: Use this setup sheet for more detailed notes about your kart's setup.

Title: Before Raceday
Summary: Before the race to-do list. Great for newbies and experienced karters.

Title: After the Race
Summary: After the race to-do list. Don't forget this part after the raceday is over!

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