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Using Racing Data

Learn how to use and interpret data, video, and GPS unit to maximize your potential.

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Title: Why Use Data
Summary: Using a data acquisition unit can save you tons of time in learning kart setup and how to drive. These new advanced racing units are incredibly effective at helping you find your weakness and which setups are effective.

Title: How to Download Data
Summary: Part #1 - This article by our friends at KartIntelligence.com is great for those who are new to racing data and racing software. This will get you started and headed in the right direction with your analysis.

Title: Setup a Track Map
Summary: Part #2 - This article by our friends at KartIntelligence.com is a great step-by-step article to learn how to setup your track map. Doing this properly can allow you to really explore the benefits of kart racing data.

Title: Start Analysis with Speed Trace
Summary: Part #3 - This article by our friends at KartIntelligence.com explains the first step towards analyzing your data with the speed channel located in your GPS or speed sensor. Here is where you'll begin to see the advantages of racing data.

Title: Finding Time with GPS
Summary: Using GPS is the ultimate training tool. If you have one, this is a fantastic article that explains how to use your data to analyze and find time in any corner!

Title: The Ultimate Quick and Easy Training
Summary: If you want the quick and easy way to learn data acquisition and to learn how you can find the most time from your data, Terence Dove provides this fantastic offer to find you tons of speed and save you tons of trouble.

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